Thursday, March 31, 2011

Royal Wedding Gift to Charles & Diana from Prince William's Nanny's Family

Thanks to Edward Hobson of ITV UK for letting me know that I forgot an important wedding gift in the list of posts I have done on Time Was Antiques Family blog here, that was a pair of brass wall sconces received by Prince Charles and Princess Diana at their Royal Wedding in 1981 that has connections to Prince William and Kate's wedding.

Gift # 179 from the catalog of gifts from the St. Jame's Palace, London gift exhibition was from Mrs. W Legge Bourke. The importance of that, which I missed, was that Mrs. Legge Bourke is the mother of Tiggy Legge Bourke who was Prince Charles assistant and nanny to Prince William and Prince Harry. There was a rather publicized falling out between Tiggy and Princess Diana just prior to he death in 1997.

The connection to Prince William and Kate's wedding, is that Tiggy's son Tom Pettifer, who is Will's godson, is to be second pageboy at the wedding. Cool!

Mrs. Legge Bourke's comments and advice to Prince William were reported in The Telelgraph on March 25 at this link:

Royal wedding: Prince William is given a kissing lesson before he marries Kate Middleton

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