Sunday, February 11, 2018

English Women's Suffrage Anniversary 100 Years

This week was an important anniversary for women in the United Kingdom...

 Suffragette tea cozy by
by Susan Cowper. For more info or to get the pattern,
click HERE
200 years ago, on February 6, 1918 the Representation Of People Act was passed, and women finally were granted the vote...
under certain circumstances....
having to be over 30 and own property.
Full voting rights took a few more years
1928 to be exact.

Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested outside Buckingham Palace in 1914

over 1300 women were arrested during the demonstrations for the vote.

 A milestone to be recognized.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Happy 206th Birthday Charles Dickens!

Today, Feb. 7th is the 206th anniversary of Charles Dicken's birth

In 2012, for his 200th birthday celebrations, there were lots of special festivities...

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla participated in a service at Westminster Abbey in London, England today honouring one of the most famous novelists of all time. A wreath was laid on the novelist's tomb in Poets' Corner. rince Charles and Camilla then visited the Dicken's House Museum in London.

As part of the commemorative day, Dicken's novels were read in public places in nations all over the world, plays are staged and many TV reruns of plays were over several few months. Many leading actors from Dicken's productions were at the Abbey for the service.


Lots of china has been made with designs from Charles Dickens wonderful novels. From my archives, here is a Rosina, England teacup that was made in the 1950s to be sold at The Old Curiosity Shop in London, famed for the novel of the same name by Dickens.

I have had all sorts of pieces in the pattern. I just love it. And this is not the only Dicken's china there is:

A Lancaster & Sandland, England cheese dish from the 1920-1930s with Oliver Twist saying Oliver Twist Asks For More.

 A Sam Weller character jug from The Pickwick Papers by SylvaCeramics.

A Lancaster dish from the 1930s in purple luster that says Sairey Gamp Entertains Betsy Prig from Martin Chuzzlewitt.

Another rendering of Sairey Gamp from Martin Chuzzlewitt by New Hall pottery also from the 1930s.

And Mr. Pecksniff from Martin Chuzzlewitt also by New Hall in the 1930s. 
Some of these and more are available at Time Was Antiques. Just click on the photos.

Charles Dickens had a dramatic effect not only as a writer but as a crusader for improved conditions in England, and laterally of the world. His depictions of poverty, child labor, child crime, the workhouse and the social ills of his time were a voice for change and improvement. He lives on as a writer of incredible depth, humor and pathos...the supreme storyteller...and as a man ahead of his time in working for those who were often preyed upon in English society.

Happy Birthday Sir! 

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