Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Queen Elizabeth II in Canada Royal Visit

Queen Elizabeth II is in Canada for a Royal Visit. Today she toured the Canadian navy in Halifax Harbor and looking strong, capable and dressed in one of her famous ensembles with matching hat. I am really amazed how well she is and what a trouper at 84. I couldn't keep up with her schedule with her diligence and I am decades younger. You go girl!!! She amazes me and I give her my respect.

It was raining yesterday and threatening for today, but being a Brit...she's used to that! You can see more about the visit on The Royal Channel on YouTube. I have a link here under my favorite links , or use this clickable link to the site:
The Royal Channel

For their post about the arrival in Canada, here is that link:
Royal Tour To Canada Day 1

Monday, June 28, 2010

Antique Cabinet Card Photo Of 2 Children & World Cup England Defeat

When we closed our actual antique shop, we packed up and put a lot into storage. We have just gotten to some of it. In our antique shop we sold a lot of antique photographica, which is quite a popular collectible. Old photographs are collected for their nostalgia value, historical value and as a window to view past times, styles, attitudes and decorating periods and for some, a way to add instant relatives!!!

This is a cabinet card from the 1870-188s featuring 2 children, which are always popular. It was quite the style for babies and toddlers to be dressed in what we call dresses so it was hard to tell the sexes apart. The child in the spindle back chair could be either a boy or a girl. The boy standing is about 7-8 and is quite the man about town. They look a bit bored and stupefied, but photography was a slow and laborious process then. No instant phone photos then!

Cabinet photos were made of a card mounted photograph and became popular in the 1860s until the 1890s. They measure about 6.5 inches by 4.5 inches. This one is from Cassville, Wisconsin by a photographed named Ishmael. You learn about geography as well looking at old photos. Anyway, they are quite fun & I'll enjoy reacquainting myself with the ones out of storage.

To visit this cute duo or others we are adding visit our Cabinet Photos category at Time Was Antiques.

A cloudy day today, and a disappointed Brit husband after the World Cup defeat of England. Sigh...Maybe in 4 years....I even gave him his Ty Phoo tea in his St. George's Cross mug from Dunoon to see him through the match to no avail. Ah well.

It's his birthday tomorrow, so maybe we'll do something special to make it up to him! Have a great day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

JULY4TH 15% off sale at Time Was Antiques

Just wanted to let everyone know that since the nice weather seems REALLY to be here in Western Washington, I decided to celebrate with a 15% off everything at Time Was Antiques including including sale items. The coupon code is JULY4TH and can be reused. You can also combine with our FREESHIP for free shipping in the USA for orders over $100.00 WooHoo!!!

We have been having a great time adding new items. Not only from our last buying trip, but have promised ourselves to finally get the warehouse back area cleared out a bit. When we closed our bricks & mortar antiques shop, a lot of items came right off the shelves, were packed and ended up in storage. We moved about 3 months later, and the boxes went into the van and then to the back of the warehouse where they have languished since 2003. Soo...a project indeed. We'd just returned from an English buying trip 6 months before we moved and the stock we bought there had been received, repacked and added to the storage accumulation.So this is really like Christmas because other than knowing the items were there because of the inventory, it's amazing how you forget and how exciting when you open the box.

We have lots of great items and I am diligently adding daily, so keep checking out our new items link at Time Was Antiques.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Evans Silver Mesh Art Deco Vintage Compact

I have a thing (one of several) for art deco design and this is so cool!!! This is a vintage Evans Case Company, USA silver mesh bottom compact made in the 1930s. The lid is engine turned silver plate with black enamel inserts which is SOO art deco. The compact is all intact including powder & puff. How cool is that! I can just see the elegant lady taking this out to powder her nose & check her bobbed hair and cupid's bow lipstick.

The compact can be seen including inside photos at Time Was Antiques Evans silver mesh compact

We have a partly sunny day today and hope everyone is looking forward to celebrating Father's Day on Sunday. My DH will get calls form the kids and it will be a great relaxing day. Tomorrow we are going to our community yard sale...you never know what you'll find, and it will be a fun Saturday thing with lunch out and seeing friends. Get out there!!! There are fun things to do everywhere....graduations and parties, fairs, parks to walk in, beaches to comb...you name it!
Time Was Antiques

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dads & Grads Google Checkout Promotion & Daisy and Button Butter Pat

Hi folks...and a lovely day it is here in Sequim, Washington in the Blue Hole. We are sunny and surrounded by clouds after a biggish storm went thru which was actually the remnants of cyclone Alana, last seen in India. But today is gorgeous!!!

I want to tell uou about our current Dads & Grads Google Checkout Promotion. Get $10.00 of your purchase of $100.00 (before shipping) with Google Checkout. Limit 1 per person. Offer available from June 1 to June 18th. That's simple! See Time Was Antiques to shop with Google Checkout (and all major credit cards & Paypal as well) Time Was Antiques

I have posted the photo of a neat butter pat I just found at a local estate sale that I love. The pattern is called Daisy and Button and the butter pat was made by L. G. Wright and is technically a Depression Glass pattern. The butter pat is a lovely amber color and in excellent condition. Butter pats make great teabag holders, sauce dishes and ring holders by the sink when you are cleaning or otherwise need to take off your rings. Cool!

For more info, go to Daisy And Button Butter Pat

Have agreat day. We're doing some yard work & then back to adding new items to Time Was Antiques.

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