Wednesday, September 29, 2010

English Codd Bottles Time Was Antiques

This is too cool! Bottlemania! I just got to the last 2 Codd bottles I got in England awhile ago and have been packed away. Now come on, betcha don't know what a Codd bottle is, do you??? I didn't until I came across a lot of them at a church fete in Gloucester, England and bought the lot. And if you don't think I was glad I got them over to the US before baggage restrictions got so tight...they weigh quite a bit!

History lesson....Codd bottles were made to hold a fizzy liquid with a glass marble as a stopper, hence the pinch in the neck. This is an antique green glass Codd mineral water bottle with it's original clear glass marble stopper inside made 1880-1890s in England. This bottle is marked on the front with raised letters:  W. Button High Class Mineral Water Works Lee & Kent. The back reads: Patent Safety Groove, Dan Rylands Barnsley England. The bottle is in a form called the Codd soda bottle named after the man who invented the shape in 1873. The bottle held a fizzy liquid and the marble was the stopper. The bottle is 9.25 inches high by 2.5 inches in diameter and has the pinched shape needed to keep the marble from going to the bottom or blocking the pour.

So many of these were broken to get the marble out I'm surprised any survived intact!  My DH who is a Brit said that a lot of time as a boy was spent breaking them if found to get those marbles out. Sigh... you know! Great item for trivia.

You can see more photos at Time Was Antiques at the clickable link below to the bottle...we actually have 2 different ones, the last of my lot from Gloucester in the shop at the moment.
 Codd Bottle With Marble Button High Class Mineral Works

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Agatha Christie Festival With David Suchet as Poirot

Meet David Suchet as Hercule Poirot, the fictional Belgian detective who first appeared from the pen of Agatha Christie in 1920. 
This is the second anniversary being celebrated this month during the Agatha Christie Festival on the Cornish Riviera in England. The other is the 120th anniversary of the famous writer's birth. I am so envious...I'd love to be there! Besides appearances by David Suchet there are discusssions, staging of the books, a murder mystery train,tea dances, walking/driving tours of places used in the books, a masked ball and all manner of fun things.

For more information, visit the offical website for the festival:

Because Time Was Antiques stocks many English antiques and collectibles, we love reporting things like this. You can sign up for our newsletter at   where we reported this first.

  Have a great day....tea anyone?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Antique Pocket Watch Key Necklace 14kt Gold & Labor Day 10% Coupon

I love repurposing antique items....why not recycle an antique to be used today although not for it's original purpose?

This is an antique Victorian pocket watch key used to wind a pocketwatch. The key is 14kt gold and was long ago separated from the watch. But it makes a killer pendant! Cool! We have added a 14kt gold 18 inch rope chain to it and I juist love it.  We have had and sold several of these. The pocketwatch key necklace is certainly an unusual piece of jewelry!

You can read more about the necklace at Time Was Antiques at this clickable link:

Pocketwatch Key Necklace 14kt Gold Fob And Rope Chain

 So what are your plans this Labor Day weekend? Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone on the Eastern seaboard and let's hope Earl takes a vacation too....

We will be going to the Sequim Growers Open Air market on Saturday and who knows what else? There are a lot of great activities but we have no firm plans other than the market.  Enjoy your weekend and knowing the year is turning the corner.....

We have a Labor Day 10% off sale at Time Was Antiques  with the coupon code LABOR or 015. The LABOR coupon can be reused and is good thru Sept. 8th. Have fun!!!

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