Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year 2018, Hogmanay in Scotland

And a Happy New Year to you! We always take time tonight to pray for God's blessing for the coming year and thank Him for His grace through the ending year.

In England and other areas of the UK, especially in Scotland where Hogmanay is celebrated as the New Year's tradition, First Footing plays an important part. The First Footer refers to the first person who crosses the threshhold after midnight and "seals yer fate" for the coming year. The First Footer should be a tall, dark and handsome man with a "dainty foot". Until the First Footer came in the front door after midnight, no one should enter or leave. The First Footer would knock, be asked to enter and do so with gifts in his pockets which have regional variations. :

The usual in my family's tradition was bread or sometimes salt, coal, coins and matches. In Scotland the bread is shortbread and also included...what else? Whiskey! The First Footer then backs out of the he won't take his good luck with him. Then the door (and the party) is free for all! 

The coal means your hearth won't grow cold, your bread is enough food, the coins insure prosperity and the matches, light.

First Footers who met the criteria, were in great demand and could make good money going from house to house by appointment. 

So who will be first through your door??? I know who will be first in our home, as He will never have left! 

A Happy New Year to you all and may 2012 be a year of health, prosperity, peace and happiness in our home and in yours!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Happy Day After Christmas... Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day! For those who aren't familiar with the British term, Boxing Day has no pugilistic connotations but refers to the weekday followingChristmas Day when the alms or "poor" offering boxes were opened and distributed to the needy.

Boxing Day gift giving began in the middle ages but was revived by Queen Victoria. 

 After all the feasting of Christmas, the leftovers were distributed to the poor as well as monetary gifts. It was also a time to give gifts to the employees of the great houses and for the tradesmen that had served through the year. Gifts were given to postmen, delivery people, purveyors and shop keepers as well as any employees in your home or estate.

Boxing Day also includes lots of other opportunities that are more active...from after Christmas sales...

This is Harrod's in London before opening for the big Boxing Day Sale... with staff handing out biscuits and small cups of tea to those early waiting in line...

 to fox hunting, which is a famous activity for Boxing Day.

Speaking of sales...

Time Was Antiques after Christmas sale starts today... 15% OFF everything with code SANTAFORGOT

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your boxing Day. 
Here is the Queen's annual Christmas message from Queen Elizabeth II video in case you missed it.
As usual... Brilliant Ma'am!

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