Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I've been awol for a bit. A combo of allergies and an annual buying trip to England. But am back, recovered from jetlag and back to listing fab items for Time Was Antiques.

The trip was fun and featured a lot of walking and shopping in different venues. The last week of the trip was in London in unseasonably gorgeous weather in the 60-70s. We hit the various daily antique markets and this photo is from the Saturday antiques market at Portobello Rd by Notting Hill in London. If you have claustrophobia or enochlophobia (fear of crowds) you don't belong there!!!! It's always the most packed, and amazing at what a mass of humanity can be packed into 4 blocks between shops and street stalls, and how much STUFF! Valuable to junk. Amazing! This year though, prices were up, variety was down and we came away with less than usual. Sigh...

I've got London pictures at the moment. A bit out of order for the trip, but haven't gotten to the other to transfer/upload from my laptop.

We also spent 2 days between/after markets being London tourists and walking the north & south banks of the Thames on the Thames path which is always fabulous, especially in the good weather we had. We did the British Airways London Eye which we tend to do every year or so. Love it for great views of the city.

As for the stock we purchased, we have started adding what we brought home with us in our carryons. Because we flew back on Maxjet (http://www.maxjet.com) an all business class airline at an incredible price, they didn't weigh our carryons so we were able to cram a lot in. The rest is starting to arrive as well.

So we have added/adding British royal commemoratives, Shelley China, small silver items like knife rests and sugar tongs, motto ware, china and lots of interesting things. Quite fun. It's neat to remember as you unpack them where you found them. Like reliving the trip. Awesome.
New items can be seen at:

Back to listing on a gorgeous day in southern Oregon. Supposed to be high 70s which is about perfect! Plan to first go to the weekly Grower's Market for some organic produce thena cup of tea and a pastry with my DH in the park then back to work!!!
Have a great day!
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