Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Downloadable Programme Released, Charles & Diana's Program

William and Kate have released a PDF downloadable version of the official Royal Wedding Programme. We have  and have sold programs (the Brits spell it programme) for the Royal Weddings of Princess Elizabeth, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth when they wed prior to his becoming the king, Prince Charles and Diana, and other royal weddings. The programme will be sold along the route for 2 pounds with proceeds going to charity.
Royal Wedding Programme PDF

Below is a copy we have of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding program from 1981 at Time Was Antiques. Click the photo for more information.

We also still have some William and Kate mugs available at Time Was Antiques...just click the photos.

Word has it that Queen Elizabeth II, William's grandmother will leave right after the wedding for a weekend away at Windsor, leaving Buckingham Palace to the celebrants after the wedding. I'd probably need a rest after too!
Have a fun day tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding Wednesday - Procession Route -Royal Family Jewels

Only a few more days until the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Haven't decided if I'll just stay up all night...the BBC America coverage starts at midnight Pacific time...or just see when I wake up, or set the alarm or....

I have found several wonderful bits of info from the specials and websites covering the upcoming wedding that I thought you may enjoy if you haven't encountered them already. 

The BBC News has some great features on their website that are well worth a visit. Some of the info includes the exact procession order and schedule, the route the procession will take with a video

a 360 degree tour of Westminster Abbey, other videos about the cavalry, seating plan and 3 different Royal Wedding quizzes. I aced one...Prince & Princess a Duke & Duchess level on another and a Baron & Baroness level on the third...just above the stable boys! LOL!!!
BBC News Royal Wedding Website

I don't know how many of you have caught the special documentary on BBC America: Princess Diana: Her Life In Jewels which was mind boggling. My husband and I watched together. He was a registered English diamond setter for 38 years, having served a 6 year apprenticeship from age 15 in England...and was actually imported into America by a firm of jewelers in San Francisco.  So we were very interested in the jewelry. Every time we visit England we spend a week in London and ALWAYS go to the Jewel House at the Tower of London. 

The show was wonderful...did you know...the Crown jewel collection includes the 2 biggest diamonds in the world. The largest is 317 carats...the size of a duck egg...called the Cullinan or Star Of Africa which is in the scepter but can be removed and used as a brooch

The other story I found fascinating is about the Cambridge Emeralds  seen below

in 1811 when The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge were visiting Germany, Augusta, the Duchess entered a raffle and won a box of...emeralds! The stones weren't set until the earl 1900s when her niece, Queen Mary inherited them. The queen is shown wearing some of them. Some of them were made into a choker and given to Princess Diana as a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth II. It will be interested to see if Catherine ends up with those and some of the fabulous jewel suites Diana received as wedding gifts from gulf state arab princes.

Another Royal bands of Welsh gold. Welsh gold is extremely rare, and the tradition began in the 1920s when the Royal family was gifted with a 2 pound (not carat, pound!!!) gold nugget from the Clogau mine. Prince Albert, later to be crowned King George VI had some of the Welsh gold used to make the wedding band Queen Elizabeth wore. The same nugget has fashioned a wedding band for each successive royal bride and the assumption is that Prince William will continue the tradition.

I found a great and comprehensive website with photos of all the major Royal jewels which is truly astounding! It's a Tudor Wicki called Jewellry of Today's British Royalty and is well worth a gawk...

We still have a few of the William and Kate Royal Wedding items below available at Time Was Antiques. For more info click on the photos.

Plus over 300 items of British Royal Memorabilia. We are flying our British 3 foot by 5 foot flag on Friday and having a bit of a tea party in honor of the Royal Wedding. Cheers and our best wished to the William and Catherine!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Greetings from Time Was Antiques

He is Risen!
Easter greetings to you 
May you have a blessed Easter!
Love from Time Was Antiques

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Royal Wedding Wednesday - Last Of Charles And Diana's Wedding Gifts

Joining with Royal Wedding Wednesday with Decor To Adore for my last post of 3 I think, on the wedding gifts received by Prince Charles and Princess Diana for the wedding in 1981 from thew booklet we got while viewing the wedding gifts at St. James Palace, London shortly after the wedding when we were there for our annual buying trip.  I no longer have the original as it was purchased by an NBC producer last November tight after the engagement of Prince William and Kate was announced. I had copies of half the pages which I then was asked for by a producer with ITV UK in conjunction with TLC you will be hearing more about the subject during the week before the wedding.

271  a Darlington crystal vase                                               Hampshire

272.  book "The Blessings Of Marriage"                                Canada
273.  an embroidered tablecloth                                              Sussex
275.  a four leaf clover and plaque Touch Wood               Kent

276.  2 silver mint julep cups                                                          USA
277.  a deer carved in stone                                                             Scotland
278.  a small wooden toy soldier                                                  Kent
280.  a framed drawing of King Edward VIII                        Hampshire
283.  doorchimes                                                                                 Kent
284.  2 candles shaped like doves                                                London
285.  a bag of coffee beans                                                              Malawi  
287.  copper box made by West Coast Canadian Indians  Canada
292. a lucky black cat toy made by the donor                      Warwickshire
294.  a bottle of port in a wood box                                             Australia
297.  6 wooden clothes pegs made by the donor                    Yorkshire
299.  swan headed salad spoons                                                   Hertfordshire
349. a knitted tea cozy in the shape of a cottage                  Cambridgeshire

354.  a purple velvet hat made by the donor                               Essex
355. a set of crocheted kitchen cozies by the donor                  Australia
362. 2 toweling bathrobes                                                                    Manchester
363. bone china rose ornament                                                          Surrey

365.  a decorated goose egg                                                                  Cheshire
373. a book "Birds Of Town & Village"                                            Warwickshire
376  a pair of hand knitted blue bed socks                                    Belgium
377.  a commemorative tea caddy                                                    London

431.  2 mice dolls in wedding outfits                                                 Lincolshire
432.  2 dustermitts                                                                                     Essex
433. set of large traditional Japanese fish kites                         Japan
434.  a wrought iron weathervane                                                    Peterborough
435. a glass pear ornament                                                                  Barrow-in-Furness

437.  2 Fairisle skiing jerseys                                                             Australia

438. a mousetrap cage made by the donor                                 Essex
454. a Caithness glass paperweight                                                Wales

384.  2 toothbrushes                                                                                 Middlesex
387.  an embroidered sampler                                                            USA
388.  a handmade pottery mouse                                                      Tyne-and-Wear
389.  book "Old Yorkshire Recipes"                                                  Yorkshire
396.  a carved relief of a horse head                                                Tyne-and-Wear
397.  a 7 record set of the Goon Show                                               Scotland

That is my favorite gift...the Goon show was one of the most famous
English comedy shows beginning in the 1940s.
The cast included Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe,
Spike Milligan and others became 
internationally know. They are hysterical!

402.  a heart shaped potato                                                                   Cheshire

408.  a decorative Good Luck Key                                                  London
409. a framed "Tribute To The Dog"                                            London
411.  an Icelandic wool shawl                                                          Iceland
415.  varieties of Rose Tea flavours                                              London
417.  a child's painting of a bride and groom                           Devon
419. a corn dolly                                                                                    London


So...there you have it. A sampling of the wedding gifts received by Prince Charles and Princess Diana. It will be fun to see what this modern couple receive. 5 crock pots? 

Photos are from Google except for the commemorative tea caddy and Staffordshire posy ornament, both of which are available at Time Was Antiques. Click on those photos for more information.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Royal Wedding Timing Released, Middletons at Goring Night Before, Royal Wedding mugs at Time Was Antiques

The Royal Wedding website has released the timing for some of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton which is less than 2 weeks away. 

The night before the wedding, the Middleton family will be staying at the Goring Hotel in Belgravia.

The details of some of the schedule for the wedding day are :

Ceremonial Timings
The following timings have been confirmed for the Wedding Day: 
  • Between 8.15am and 9.45am:  The general congregation will arrive at the Great North Door of Westminster Abbey.
  • From 9.50am:  Governors-General and Prime Ministers of Realm Countries,the Diplomatic Corps, and other distinguished guests arrive at the Abbey.
  • 10.10am The Bridegroom and Prince Henry of Wales leave Clarence House for Westminster Abbey.  They arrive at the Abbey at 10.15am.
  • 10.20am Members of Foreign Royal Families arrive at Westminster Abbey from Buckingham Palace.
  • 10.20am Mrs. Michael (Carole) Middleton and Mr. James Middleton leave the Goring Hotel for Westminster Abbey.  They arrive at the Abbey at 10.27am.
  • 10.25am Members of the Royal Family (except those listed below) leave Buckingham Palace for Westminster Abbey.  They arrive at the Abbey at 10.30am.
  • 10.35am The following Members of the Royal Family leave Buckingham Palace for Westminster Abbey.  They arrive at the Abbey at 10.40am:
                 - The Princess Royal and Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence
                 - The Duke of York
                 - Princess Eugenie of York
                 - Princess Beatrice of York
                 - The Earl and Countess of Wessex
  • 10.38am The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall leave Clarence House for Westminster Abbey.  They arrive at the Abbey at 10.42am.
  • 10.40am The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh leave Buckingham Palace for Westminster Abbey.  They arrive at the Abbey at 10.45am.
  •  10.48am The Bridesmaids and Pages leave the Goring Hotel for Westminster Abbey.  They arrive at the Abbey at 10.55am.
  • 10.51am The Bride, accompanied by Mr. Michael Middleton, leaves the Goring Hotel for Westminster Abbey.
  •  11.00am The Marriage Service begins.  The Marriage Service will be relayed by audio speakers along the Route.
  • 12.15pm The Carriage Procession of the Bride and Bridegroom with a Captain’s Escort of the Household Cavalry, followed by The Queen’s Procession with a Sovereign’s Escort of the Household Cavalry, leaves Westminster Abbey for Buckingham Palace.
  • 12.30pm The Bride’s Carriage Procession arrives at Buckingham Palace.
  • 12.40pm Members of the Royal Family and Members of Foreign Royal Families arrive at Buckingham Palace.
  • From 12.40pm: Other guests for the Reception arrive at Buckingham Palace.
  • 1.25pm  The Queen and the Bride and Bridegroom, together with their Families, appear on the Balcony.
  • 1.30pm  Fly Past by the Royal Air Force and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. 

Miss Catherine Middleton, accompanied by her immediate family, will spend the night before the Wedding at the Goring Hotel.  This was the Middleton family’s personal choice.
All arrivals at Westminster Abbey are at the Great West Door unless otherwise indicated. 
All routes to and from Westminster Abbey are as already announced: The Mall, Horse Guards Road, Horse Guards Parade, through Horse Guards Arch, Whitehall, Parliament Square (south side), Broad Sanctuary.  The additional route from the Goring Hotel to The Mall is yet to be confirmed. 
The Wedding Service will be relayed by audio speakers along the Route.  This is in addition to the screens already announced at Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square.  More information for members of the public wishing to watch the Wedding Service in central London is available

For more information on our Royal Wedding collection mugs at Time Was Antiques, click on the photos.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Royal Wedding Takes Place - Look alikes at Covent Garden

The Telegraph Online reported that the Royal Wedding of William and Kate took place least maybe...with look alikes. You can read the story & see the photos, including the Queen and corgis here on their website. Too fun!!!

Royal wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton's dress 


The photos are terrif...I especially liked the fact that they went to KFC for the reception, queen, corgis & all...

But of course the whole event was staged to promote spoof celebrity photographer Alison Jackson's new book Kate & Wills Up The Aisle: A Right Royal Fairy Tale.

I don't know anything about the book, but the publicity stunt was a winner. I especially like the photo of the Queen with her packet of chips (french fries to yanks!).

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Royal Wedding Packages in UK and USA from Travel and Leisure, Royal Wedding Mug Available

I am posting an article for Royal Wedding Wednesday with Decor To Adore from an article in Travel and Leisure magazine online of various Royal Wedding hotel packages in the UK and the USA you can take advantage of....I guess.

By Ann Shields for Travel & Leisure
While big, lavish nuptials hold limited charm for me (I eloped, and recommend it for its romance and intimacy), plenty of people are mad for all things wedding, and especially all things William and Kate. Even Dunkin Donuts, friend of the common man, is offering a heart-shaped tribute to the royal couple.

If you’re looking to celebrate the Royal Wedding with something more decadent than a doughnut, we’ve gathered some hotel package options.
In London:
-    The Athenaeum has a $699 Royal Treatment homage to the royal couple.  The package includes overnight accommodations, two spa treatments for the price of one, two tickets to a special Enchanted Palace tour at Kensington Palace, and two afternoon teas for the price of one.  A very sweet detail, literally and figuratively, is that the tea’s menu will feature items made with honey produced by bees in Royal Gardens in Regents Park.  For more information or to book, please visit the Athenaeum.

-    Down by the Thames, the Hilton London Tower Bridge is offering a Royal Wedding package, which features three nights’ accommodations, a bottle of Champagne and selection of scones, then a post-wedding 3-course dinner at the hotel’s Larder Restaurant.  The package runs £999.00 ($1,622 at today’s exchange rate, or $541 a night) and can be booked by visiting Hilton Tower Bridge

-    The Milestone Hotel, opposite Kensington Palace, has more than just location in its favor.  Its Royal Occasion package will treat you to four nights’ accommodations with daily breakfast, a ‘Royal Champagne Afternoon Tea,’ a 7-course banquet dinner, two tickets to Kensington Palace, private roundtrip airport transfers, and a wedding souvenir in the bone china.  Rates start at £2,418  ($3,926 at today’s exchange, or $981.50 a night).  For more information or to book, visit the Milestone.

-    The Royal Wedding package at the popular Royal Horseguards Hotel costs £375 ($609 a night, based on a two-night booking).  What you get: overnight accommodations, daily breakfast, afternoon tea on the day of the wedding, and a commemorative item.   Visit the Royal Horseguards to book.

-    The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park (pictured below) is blowing out all the stops with a Tuesday-Sunday extravaganza for the well-heeled Anglophile, their Royal Wedding Tour.  The lavish itinerary includes visits to the ancestral homes of Princess Diana and Winston Churchill, a trip to Westminster Abbey, dinner at Kensington Palace, lunch and a chat with the director of the British Museum, dinner with an unnamed member of the royal family in their townhome (black sheep, no doubt, letting commoners in to sniff around), plus an opportunity to witness Friday’s wedding events from a lofty perch on the ICA’s roof terrace.  For more over-the-top details, please visit the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park.  To book, please plunder your coffers (to the tune of $18,120 for one person and $30,146 for two; or $3,020 a night) and call +44 (0) 207 201 3618, or email

Your options on the homefront:

-    The Trump International Hotel & Tower, at the corner of NYC’s Central Park, has a Trump Royal Wedding Experience (of course, the Donald would slap his brand on someone else’s wedding) in which you get one night’s accommodations in a suite, and then 5 a.m. breakfast downstairs at Jean Georges.  Monitors will be placed around the dining room so that guests can toast the royal couple with sparkling mimosas.  All this can be yours for prices that start at $1,075.  For more information or to book, please call (212) 299-1000 or visit the Trump International Hotel & Tower.

-    In Denver, the JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek’s Royal Wedding package includes a room (which our editor calls “some of the cushiest rooms in town”), a 3:45 a.m. wake-up call, and $25 credit towards room service or a breakfast at the hotel’s Second Home Kitchen + Bar.  You’ll also get a ‘Royal Tote bag,’ and Champagne and strawberries. The rates start at $329.  To book, please call (866) 706-7814 and refer to rate code UY7, or visit the JW Marriott Denver

-    San Francisco’s Kensington Park Hotel is running a royal wedding package entitled “Shag Like Royalty” the cutesy-poo, randy details of which I’ll spare you.  If you actually are interested in hearing the sophomoric details of the $189 overnight package, please visit theKensington Park Hotel, or call (800) 553-1900.

-    In Miami, you’re more assured of good weather than the royals will be, and in Miami-style, you can celebrate their wedding day by paying attention to yourself.  The Acqualina Resort & Spa will indulge you to a “Royal Treatment” spa package with a two-hour $429 menu of head to toe treatments.  They’ll also put you up for the night for an additional $429.  To book the spa treatment, please call (855) 750-2740.  For more info on the property, please visit Acqualina.

-    At New York’s Waldorf-Astoria (pictured below), booking the one-of-a-kind Royal Wedding package means an overnight in the Royal Suite (there’s only one, and it’s the former residence of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, playing host/hostess at a cocktail party for 40 with passed hors d’oeuvres and white liquids (no stains!).  Book this package for $20,000 by calling (212) 355-3000.  For more about the hotel itself, please visit the Waldorf-Astoria.

--    The Four Seasons Chicago has another only-one-can-book-it Royal Suite Retreat package, featuring an overnight stay in their Royal Suite, roundtrip Rolls-Royce hotel transfer from the airport or a Chicago location, afternoon tea in the Seasons Lounge, a five-course dinner for two in the Seasons Restaurant, a 24-carat gold facial in the hotel spa, English breakfast in bed on the morning of the wedding, and a Champagne toast to the royal couple.  The package is available for $5,500 a night, and you can book it by calling (312) 280-8800.

-   The Fairmont Empress in Victoria, B.C. is so giddy about the Royal Wedding that throughout the entire month of April, you can participate in all sorts of festivities, including royalty-themed spa treatments, teas, dinners, pastry classes, and picnics.  To see the schedule of offers and events, please visit the Fairmont Empress.

So far, the Royal Wedding donut seems the most sensible item of the bunch.

If you’re thinking of a last-minute trip to London, a search on Kayak.comcurrently turns up fares from New York as low as $662, roundtrip, during the last week of April.

And don't forget we have an English bone china Royal Wedding mug available at Time Was Antiques. To purchase, just click on the photos.
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