Sunday, August 1, 2010

Egg Coddler Peter Pan Politically Incorrect Royal Worcester

I found this at a recent estate sale & had to have it!!! This is a Royal Worcester egg coddler from a set of 3 they made with a Peter Pan theme from the famous novel by J. M. Barrie in the 1960-1970s...and this is sooo politically incorrect!

There are drawings of indians in grass loin cloths and the words The Redskins disappear as they had come, like shadows.  Amazing!

A real find. You can see more of the design and info at Time Was Antiques

Egg Coddler Royal Worcester Peter Pan England Indians   

 Foggy again this morning here in Sequim, which is normal summer weather. We actually love it and so do the plants.

Wanted to add a link to a story about the Emerald Princess cruise ship arriving at Juneau yesterday with a whale wrapped around the bow. It does happen. One  was discovered last year when the same ship arrived in Vancouver, but apparently that one was already dead on impact. Don't know about the latest one yet.
Here is the article on this clickable link to: Cruise Critic News

Have a great day. Heading out to church and then lunch at our favorite Sunshine Cafe here in Sequim. The best breakfast IMHO in town! 
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