Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Purple Cased Glass Napkin Ring Cut To Clear

Purple rules!!! The royal color. I have just unpacked this brilliant purple cased glass napkin ring that has been cut to clear and it is fab! The napkin ring was found in England at the Portobello Road antique market. I LOVED the color! It was actually a sunny day so it fairly glowed. It made the trip home sfely as well.

Cased glass is made with 2 layers and then the outer colored layer is cut to reveal the inner clear layer. A neat process and very effective! I love colored glass and this is beautiful.

Weather here has been intermittant clear and clouds and the trees are beginning to turn color. Fall is indeed approaching. I'm okay with that. I'm planning to get our a fertilize the garden for next years blooms tomorrow, so hope it's mostly clear. Have a great day.
Purple cased glass napkin ring at Time Was Antiques

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