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Royal Wedding Wednesday - Last Of Charles And Diana's Wedding Gifts

Joining with Royal Wedding Wednesday with Decor To Adore for my last post of 3 I think, on the wedding gifts received by Prince Charles and Princess Diana for the wedding in 1981 from thew booklet we got while viewing the wedding gifts at St. James Palace, London shortly after the wedding when we were there for our annual buying trip.  I no longer have the original as it was purchased by an NBC producer last November tight after the engagement of Prince William and Kate was announced. I had copies of half the pages which I then was asked for by a producer with ITV UK in conjunction with TLC you will be hearing more about the subject during the week before the wedding.

271  a Darlington crystal vase                                               Hampshire

272.  book "The Blessings Of Marriage"                                Canada
273.  an embroidered tablecloth                                              Sussex
275.  a four leaf clover and plaque Touch Wood               Kent

276.  2 silver mint julep cups                                                          USA
277.  a deer carved in stone                                                             Scotland
278.  a small wooden toy soldier                                                  Kent
280.  a framed drawing of King Edward VIII                        Hampshire
283.  doorchimes                                                                                 Kent
284.  2 candles shaped like doves                                                London
285.  a bag of coffee beans                                                              Malawi  
287.  copper box made by West Coast Canadian Indians  Canada
292. a lucky black cat toy made by the donor                      Warwickshire
294.  a bottle of port in a wood box                                             Australia
297.  6 wooden clothes pegs made by the donor                    Yorkshire
299.  swan headed salad spoons                                                   Hertfordshire
349. a knitted tea cozy in the shape of a cottage                  Cambridgeshire

354.  a purple velvet hat made by the donor                               Essex
355. a set of crocheted kitchen cozies by the donor                  Australia
362. 2 toweling bathrobes                                                                    Manchester
363. bone china rose ornament                                                          Surrey

365.  a decorated goose egg                                                                  Cheshire
373. a book "Birds Of Town & Village"                                            Warwickshire
376  a pair of hand knitted blue bed socks                                    Belgium
377.  a commemorative tea caddy                                                    London

431.  2 mice dolls in wedding outfits                                                 Lincolshire
432.  2 dustermitts                                                                                     Essex
433. set of large traditional Japanese fish kites                         Japan
434.  a wrought iron weathervane                                                    Peterborough
435. a glass pear ornament                                                                  Barrow-in-Furness

437.  2 Fairisle skiing jerseys                                                             Australia

438. a mousetrap cage made by the donor                                 Essex
454. a Caithness glass paperweight                                                Wales

384.  2 toothbrushes                                                                                 Middlesex
387.  an embroidered sampler                                                            USA
388.  a handmade pottery mouse                                                      Tyne-and-Wear
389.  book "Old Yorkshire Recipes"                                                  Yorkshire
396.  a carved relief of a horse head                                                Tyne-and-Wear
397.  a 7 record set of the Goon Show                                               Scotland

That is my favorite gift...the Goon show was one of the most famous
English comedy shows beginning in the 1940s.
The cast included Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe,
Spike Milligan and others became 
internationally know. They are hysterical!

402.  a heart shaped potato                                                                   Cheshire

408.  a decorative Good Luck Key                                                  London
409. a framed "Tribute To The Dog"                                            London
411.  an Icelandic wool shawl                                                          Iceland
415.  varieties of Rose Tea flavours                                              London
417.  a child's painting of a bride and groom                           Devon
419. a corn dolly                                                                                    London


So...there you have it. A sampling of the wedding gifts received by Prince Charles and Princess Diana. It will be fun to see what this modern couple receive. 5 crock pots? 

Photos are from Google except for the commemorative tea caddy and Staffordshire posy ornament, both of which are available at Time Was Antiques. Click on those photos for more information.

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Just amazing! It will be fun to hear about what the Royal newlyweds will receive.

Happy Easter to you and yours!

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