Thursday, September 2, 2010

Antique Pocket Watch Key Necklace 14kt Gold & Labor Day 10% Coupon

I love repurposing antique items....why not recycle an antique to be used today although not for it's original purpose?

This is an antique Victorian pocket watch key used to wind a pocketwatch. The key is 14kt gold and was long ago separated from the watch. But it makes a killer pendant! Cool! We have added a 14kt gold 18 inch rope chain to it and I juist love it.  We have had and sold several of these. The pocketwatch key necklace is certainly an unusual piece of jewelry!

You can read more about the necklace at Time Was Antiques at this clickable link:

Pocketwatch Key Necklace 14kt Gold Fob And Rope Chain

 So what are your plans this Labor Day weekend? Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone on the Eastern seaboard and let's hope Earl takes a vacation too....

We will be going to the Sequim Growers Open Air market on Saturday and who knows what else? There are a lot of great activities but we have no firm plans other than the market.  Enjoy your weekend and knowing the year is turning the corner.....

We have a Labor Day 10% off sale at Time Was Antiques  with the coupon code LABOR or 015. The LABOR coupon can be reused and is good thru Sept. 8th. Have fun!!!

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