Friday, June 18, 2010

Evans Silver Mesh Art Deco Vintage Compact

I have a thing (one of several) for art deco design and this is so cool!!! This is a vintage Evans Case Company, USA silver mesh bottom compact made in the 1930s. The lid is engine turned silver plate with black enamel inserts which is SOO art deco. The compact is all intact including powder & puff. How cool is that! I can just see the elegant lady taking this out to powder her nose & check her bobbed hair and cupid's bow lipstick.

The compact can be seen including inside photos at Time Was Antiques Evans silver mesh compact

We have a partly sunny day today and hope everyone is looking forward to celebrating Father's Day on Sunday. My DH will get calls form the kids and it will be a great relaxing day. Tomorrow we are going to our community yard never know what you'll find, and it will be a fun Saturday thing with lunch out and seeing friends. Get out there!!! There are fun things to do everywhere....graduations and parties, fairs, parks to walk in, beaches to name it!
Time Was Antiques

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decolass said...

Wow, that's gorgeous. Check out my Art Deco Compacts at

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