Tuesday, June 22, 2010

JULY4TH 15% off sale at Time Was Antiques

Just wanted to let everyone know that since the nice weather seems REALLY to be here in Western Washington, I decided to celebrate with a 15% off everything at Time Was Antiques including including sale items. The coupon code is JULY4TH and can be reused. You can also combine with our FREESHIP for free shipping in the USA for orders over $100.00 WooHoo!!!

We have been having a great time adding new items. Not only from our last buying trip, but have promised ourselves to finally get the warehouse back area cleared out a bit. When we closed our bricks & mortar antiques shop, a lot of items came right off the shelves, were packed and ended up in storage. We moved about 3 months later, and the boxes went into the van and then to the back of the warehouse where they have languished since 2003. Soo...a project indeed. We'd just returned from an English buying trip 6 months before we moved and the stock we bought there had been received, repacked and added to the storage accumulation.So this is really like Christmas because other than knowing the items were there because of the inventory, it's amazing how you forget and how exciting when you open the box.

We have lots of great items and I am diligently adding daily, so keep checking out our new items link at Time Was Antiques.

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