Monday, June 28, 2010

Antique Cabinet Card Photo Of 2 Children & World Cup England Defeat

When we closed our actual antique shop, we packed up and put a lot into storage. We have just gotten to some of it. In our antique shop we sold a lot of antique photographica, which is quite a popular collectible. Old photographs are collected for their nostalgia value, historical value and as a window to view past times, styles, attitudes and decorating periods and for some, a way to add instant relatives!!!

This is a cabinet card from the 1870-188s featuring 2 children, which are always popular. It was quite the style for babies and toddlers to be dressed in what we call dresses so it was hard to tell the sexes apart. The child in the spindle back chair could be either a boy or a girl. The boy standing is about 7-8 and is quite the man about town. They look a bit bored and stupefied, but photography was a slow and laborious process then. No instant phone photos then!

Cabinet photos were made of a card mounted photograph and became popular in the 1860s until the 1890s. They measure about 6.5 inches by 4.5 inches. This one is from Cassville, Wisconsin by a photographed named Ishmael. You learn about geography as well looking at old photos. Anyway, they are quite fun & I'll enjoy reacquainting myself with the ones out of storage.

To visit this cute duo or others we are adding visit our Cabinet Photos category at Time Was Antiques.

A cloudy day today, and a disappointed Brit husband after the World Cup defeat of England. Sigh...Maybe in 4 years....I even gave him his Ty Phoo tea in his St. George's Cross mug from Dunoon to see him through the match to no avail. Ah well.

It's his birthday tomorrow, so maybe we'll do something special to make it up to him! Have a great day.

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