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Royal Wedding Wednesday - Charles And Diana Wedding Gifts

I am joining Royal Wedding Wednesdays with Decor To Adore, but as I can't possibly keep up with her Bridesmaid Disasters of last week (LOL!!!) or this week's What To Wear, I thought I would post what I DO know in relationship to royal weddings.

As an antique dealer with a specialty in British Royal memorabilia on my website Time Was Antiques, I decided to share excerpts from the catalog of Royal Wedding gifts that Prince Charles and Princess Diana received at their wedding in 1981 and were subsequently on display at St. James Palace, London where I bought the catalog. I listed the gift catalog on Time Was Antiques last June. When Will and Kate announced their engagement in November, the gift catalog was purchased by an NBC producer for a show in the future. But I had notes I had made about the gifts which I will be sharing some of during the next few weeks.

There were 994 gifts recorded in the catalog and on display at St. James Palace from the sublime to the ridiculous. There was certainly a lot of humor, a lot of love and thought and for many, a lot of time and effort spent in the gifts. Here are some illustrated by photos of similar items, many from Google's photo lists. I have not identified gifts by name, just location and maybe the organization if that was who the giver was:

      Item                                                             Form Whom/where

#1  a long case clock                          The Order of the Bath

2    a Georgian design mahogany library ladder              Hertfordshire
3   a crystal vase                                                            London
5   antique silver-gilt inkwell with shell lid                   Middlesex                
6  Isle Of Wight glass vase                                            Isle Of Wight

8  Herend porcelain pheasant                                          Norfolk

9  a tray and tray stand                                                          Scotland
10  a blue and white tray                                                      London

11  a breakfast tray                                                               Hertfordshire
12 a picnic basket equipped for 6                                          Suffolk
14  an antique whatnot                                                       Gray's Inn
16  2 pillows and 2 fishing satchels                                     Norfolk
18  set of 8 crystal tumblers                                              Hampshire
19 a Megamix food processor                                             London
20  a videocassette recorder                                              Hampshire
21  Victorian gaming and work table                                  London
22  an inlaid screen and breakfast table                            London
23  pair of Chippendale hanging shelves                            Lancaster
24  2 Mason's blue poppy lamps with blue silk shades        Norfolk
25  a pair of boot scrapers                                                Suffolk
26  large wicker dog basket                                               Yorkshire
28  large dog basket                                                          Scotland
29 Aynsley Rosedale tea service                                         British Ceramics Assoc
30  a microwave oven                                                        Toshiba
33  an inscribed garden trug                                              East Sussex
38  a pair of miniature chairs made by the donor               Elf Miniature Furniture
39 a Steuben crystal frog                                                  Cheshire
47 pair of engraved pen and pencils                                  USA
49 white mohair jersey with hedgehog on front                 Cornwall
53 gilded mantlepiece clock                                              Duke & Duchess of Bedford
63 Royal Crown Derby dessert service                               People of Derby
65 Herend porcelain duck                                                 London
69  a horse brass                                                                Surrey
70  decorated egg containing a bride and groom                USA
71  2 hand knitted orange/yellow ski hats                           USA
74  2 books on Chile                                                           Anglo Chilean Society
75  a tea cozy knitted by the donor                                   Cheshire
78  a hand knitted tea cozy                                                Jersey
79  wooden hand carved fruit bowl                                     48th Leeds Brownies

So there is an installment of the gifts Charles and Diana received. I'll list some more next week. It's really fun to see what they got......

Have a great day and check the Royal Wedding Wednesday post to see what to wear!

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am amazed that some of the gifts are so well ordinary. I love it.

In case my invitation does happen to arrive now I know just what to give.

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