Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BBC British Royal Wedding Build Up Starts March 22

A date I won't son's birthday. The BBC has announced a lead up to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton of all sorts of programs related to the British Royal family.

They are being shown on BBC America, so you'll have to check with your local provider to see if you get that channel. Here is a list of some of the special programs that have been announced:

3/22  Prince William & Prince Harry: Into The Future

3/29  Modern Monarchy: Dos and Don'ts

3/19  Modern Monarchy: Here and There

4/12  Royally Mad

4/24  Diana's Dresses

4/24  Princess Diana: Her Life in Jewels

4/24  William And Harry: The Brother Princes

4/26  All The Queen's Horses

4/26  Memories Of A Queen

4/26  Art of Diana

4/27  Royal London

4/27  How to Be A Prince

That's enough...I satisfy any royal enthusiast! We'll be watching!

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