Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Auction items from Wallis Simpson, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton

With all the hoopla from The King's Speech, about the difficulties faced by Albert, younger son of King George V of England who became King George VI when his elder brother, Edward VIII abdicated the throne, it's no wonder an auction of items owned by Wallis Simpson will attract a large crowd. But when you also add in the names of Princess Diana and soon to be royal Kate Middleton, it's big news.

The upcoming auction at Kerry Taylor Auctions reported the upcoming auction is to be held on March 17th and include items formerly owned by Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor as well as the see through dress Kate Middleton wore that attracted Prince William.  Also included are gowns worn by Princess Diana at various times.

An interesting thing reported in a Yahoo article about the auction, is a film is in the works at the moment about Wallis Simpson called WE for Wallis and Edward directed by Madonna. There are also several movies on tap about Prince William and Kate Middleton.  

King George V and Queen Mary, parents of Edward VIII and George VI

Eldest son of King George V, David or Edward VIII who abdicated

George VI, youngest son of George V who became king when older brother abdicated and is the main character of The King's Speech, here with Queen Elizabeth who was later lovingly known as The Queen Mum, and was the mother of Queen Elizabeth II.

So...there is a bit of a royal time line. So the royal items auction should do well.

For more information on any of the items pictured here which are in stock at Time Was Antiques,  just click on the photo.

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I will be praying for your dear daughter in law.
I had planned a future post of wedding gifts so will look foward to next Wednesday's post.

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