Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Newspaper Queen Victoria's Son's Wedding - Royal Wedding Wednesdays

In response to today's post on Decor To Adore's Royal Wedding Wednesdays I can only say Huzzah! Someone else with a passion for British royal history! Thanks for the post....couldn't have done better myself!

The only thing I can add is, I have 2 newspapers of the day before the wedding of Queen Victoria's son Edward to Princess Alexandra of Denmark  on March 21, 1863 that I would like to share.

Meeting the Princess Alexandra at her train in London.

The bride and her bridal party. 

The procession through London to the wedding.

In the days before newspaper,TV and the internet, the Illustrated News was one of the only ways to get news of any occasion. After an issue appeared with new drawings of fashion, the seamstresses would be trying to be the first to appear on Bond Street with the new fashion or accessory.

For more information about this newspaper at Time Was Antiques, click  on the photo.

Next week on Royal Wedding Wednesday, I will start sharing from the catalog of gifts received by Prince Charles and Princess Diana for their wedding in 1981.
Have a great day!

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I have to tell you that this is a TRUE treasure! It was so hard for me to locate information and images for the Prince of Wales 1863wedding.

Just gorgeous!

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