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Royal Wedding Wednesday - Charles And Diana Wedding Gifts pt 2, Belleek Shamrock items

Welcome to Royal Wedding Wednesday with part 2 of the wedding gifts received by Prince Charles and Princess Diana at their wedding in 1981.

The comments I have received are mostly of amazement at the very ordinariness of the gifts. The same sort of things you or I might have received...although not 1,000+. And the biggies were probably not part of the exhibit at St. James Palace in London where I got this gift catalog I am sharing from So.... Some of the photos are from the stock past or present of my website Time Was Antiques and several are courtesy of Google.com.

80.    a pair of pillowcases                                       Northern Ireland
81.     a silver toothpaste tube key                         USA
82.   a photograph album                                              Australia
83.  Austrian lead crystal paperwieght                  London
84.  a "Good Luck" black cat                                        West Midlands
85.  a large Wedgwood mug                                        Surrey
88.  2 crochet mats                                                           Yorkshire
91. a Goblin radio Teasmade                                      USA

97.  a fleet of model ships in case                                              Hampshire
99.  a hand knitted donkey toy                                                  London
103.  an ashtray with photo of hot air balloon                  London
105. a Spode Derby plate                                                             Wiltshire
108. a leather case of needles                                                     Warwickshire
109. a breadboard and loaves in shapes                               Hampshire
112-128 various prints, paintings and sketches                  various
139.  a Herend cache pot                                                               Winchester

148. nine Lalique crystal ashtrays                                           Kenilworth
153.  a pair of glass sparrows                                                      Norfolk
154.  a fishing reel in a velvet case                                            Scotland
158. a rag doll made by donor                                                     Gloucestershire
160. Herend porcelain breakfast set                                         Monaco
171  a Spode breakfast set for two                                             Hampshire
172  a pair of brass wall lights                                                    London
173  tartan travelling rug                                                             Isle Of Man
175 a leather waste paper basket                                              London
177  a pair of bellows                                                                       London

179.  2 china mice                                                                            Hampshire
188.  a silver toast rack                                                                 London

194.  2 sets of Spode cups and saucers                                     City of Stoke-on-trent
198.  a Royal Copenhagen stag figurine                                  Kings Lynn

199.  small Wedgwood cameo of the Prince Regent                Sussex
200.  a leather traveling address book                                         France

Okay...that's enough for the moment. A very mixed bag!

To change gears, in honor of St. Patrick's Day I want to share several items of Irish Belleek eggshell porcelain with shamrock patterns from Time Was Antiques. I just love them and their luster finish is lovely.

Aren't they lovely? For more info on the Belleek, click on the photos.

I plan to cook my corned beef tomorrow after soaking it to get rid of some of the extra salt. Then I will do half the cooking time tomorrow in the crock pot and finish on Thursday with potatoes,cabbage, onions and carrots. A favorite St. Patrick's Day meal.  Hope you enjoy an Irish flare this week.

And on the news front of the fast approaching wedding of William and Kate, the music was announced today. You can read more about that at this link:
Royal Wedding music

Have a great day...and in the words of a vintage Irish tea towel we sold recently"

May You be in Heaven Half An Hour 
Before The Devil Knows Your Dead.

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