Friday, February 11, 2011

William and Kate Royal Wedding Button, Prince William Birth mug By Aynsley

As my heart count down indicates, the Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton is just a bit over 2 months away. I order some mugs from England but they are delayed in customs. Sigh...

But, I did get some pin back buttons featuring the couple on their engagement with the Union Jack behind that I quite like. You van see the ring which I really like which belonged to Williams's mother, Princess Diana. Cool!
To see more info, click on the photo to go the Will and Kate button at Time Was Antiques.

To travel back a few years, I also just added a really neat Aynsley, England double handles mug or loving cup made to commemorate Prince William's birth in 1982. It is just beautiful and the usual Aynsley outstanding quality. That's a drawing of Windsor Castle on the front and the dedication on the back.

To find out more about the Aynsley Birth Of Prince William mug at Time Was Antiques, click on the photo.

Tomorrow we head to Victoria, B. C. Canada for the Victoria Tea Festival which is always fun. We get to check out the refurbished Coho ferry, so that will be fun. Intend going to our favorite Indian food restaurant and seeing an IMAX also at the Royal B.C. Museum. A great always is. Think we might have some tea.....

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