Saturday, February 26, 2011

All I needed to know I learned from mottoware...and Dove choc wrappers

Okay, okay...that's not quite true, but it struck me this week that there are fun phrases and words of wisdom everywhere!I just added a mottoware egg cup to Time Was Antiques. I am quite partial to Torquay, Devon mottoware  and had sold a lot in the last 20 years. I just love the mottos...can't wait to see what the next I find will say.

Speak Little, Speak Well. The world of communication in a nutshell...or an eggshell if you prefer. The eggcup was made by Watcombe, Torquay and dates to between 1900-1920. The traditional cottage is a favorite design, as well as a stylized floral design called a scandy. The design is made by scratching into and through the slip and then the piece is glazed and fired. So cute! For more about the mottoware eggcup at Time Was Antiques, click on the phot.

As to the other learning source, I had just received some Valentine's Day Dove dark chocolate pieces from a tea friend and realized that their are quotes of wisdom inside each of the wrappers. I know, I already knew that...but I'm a bit slow figuring it out. So here are 2 recent ones:

Here's to something 
more powerful than chocolate.
New York, NY

When you can't 
control the wind,
adjust your sails.

Too fun, huh? chocolate is good for you (YESSS!!!!) the next time yopu need a bit of cheering up, have a chocolate...and read the wrapper! Or...find a bit of mottoware and have a peruse.

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Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy a cup of tea with a friend today.

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