Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More on Downton Abbey aka Highclere Castle

After watching the last episode of Downton Abbey on Sunday evening, I was left with a few comments....rather a somber way to end, but not unexpected as the date was 1914. I also felt the last episode was a bit static, felt chopped and hurried to fit the time frame. I know 2 hours total was cut from the presentation seen in the UK, and I PROTEST!!!

That being said, the second season is in production and there is a Christmas special as well. So...not all bad.

I came across an article that covers the setting of Downton Abbey which is actually Highclere Castle, home of the Lords of Caenarvon that is facinating reading as well as viewing because of the photos of the house included.

The article is on a site called Hooked On Houses and is well worth the look and read. Click Hooked On Houses to visit.

I am going to be posting some antique Romance postcards as we approach Valentine's Day. I love them! We have quite a few at Time Was Antiques, and many more to list! This is a typical one from the Edwardian era (the period of Downton Abbey) and was mailed in 1910.

To see more, click the postcard!

Other things I love is antique hatpins and stick pins. This is a heart shaped hatpin or stick pin of 10kt gold set with a diamond in a pretty flower setting from the 1920-1930s. Perfect for your Valentine! Click the photo for more info.

I am fighting off the sinus problem today so low key. Great opportunity to sit, read a good book and sip tea with the vitamin Cs I'm taking.

Please visit our sister blog, Antiques And Teacups for links to Teacup Tuesday in blogland. So fun!! This was Antiques And Teacups contribution today:

Remember...Time Was Antiques is featuring: LOVE Valentine 10% Discount - enter LOVE coupon code 025 for 10% off orders over $50.00. Through February, may be reused. A sweet day for love! Use coupon code 025 when ordering for 10% off when your order is over $50.00.

Have a great day...it's 30 and clear here in Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula...and have a cup of tea with a friend!

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