Friday, February 4, 2011

Apostles on spoons? Devotion at the tea table? Wedgwood pink jasperware box

Well, I am devoted to a cup of tea and one of the fun things I found growing up with a part English family and then all over England is the prevalence of spoons and sugar tongs with figural ends shaped like robed apostles.  I have seen them from all the famous silver makers in in everything from solid gold to aluminum...EPNS and nickel silver, silver plated and hallmarked sterling silver.

This is a sterling silver pair of sugar tongs made in Chester, England in 1921.  Apostle spoons have been popular for centuries. They evolved with a religious or devotional use, the honoring of a saint, and often coming in sets of 12 with a Christ spoon to commemorate the Last Supper. The British Museum has a spoon dating to 1536. 

Apostle spoons were a popular baptismal gift or for weddings and confirmations but have become just a traditionally accepted classic design for spoons and sugar tongs. I was told once in England that you can even tell which of the apostles is represented by the way they are depicted and with what included elements, but I've never researched it. I just think they are a great English tea time tradition. For more about the sugar tongs above at Time Was Antiques, click on the photo.

Since it is Valentine's Day soon, here is a Wedgwood pink and white jasperware heart shaped box with the classical design of The Procession.  Wedgwood jasperware, which is a type of stoneware, is difficult and painstaking to make. We loved watching it being made in England at the Wedgwood pottery in Stoke. The museum in Barlaston, England is still doing some working exhibits of it's manufacture and is well worth the trip if you are by Staffordshire. The museum is absolutely incredible!!

To see more photos and info about the Wedgwood jasperware heart box at Time Was Antiques, click on the photo.

Wedgwood Museum website

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