Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mottoware Pottery Cup And Saucer Take A Cup Of Kindness

There is a lot of really idiosyncratic English items. Mottoware, or motto ware, Devon ware, Torquay ware or Devon pottery is such a classification. The area of England in the South called Devon, especially surrounding the coastal town of Torquay yielded red clay in the early 1800s the area became famous for. The clay and it's imaginitive uses a sprouted a pottery industry that managed to have remnants survive into the early 1960s. The pottery falls into several classifications and collecting areas, but most have sgraphito, scraffito or carved sayings through the underglaze dine before the final firing. Funny, sentimental, outrageous and humorous the mottos or sayings are great fun and a collecting area of their own. 
 There is a Torquay Pottery Collector's Society in England that we are members of that has done a great job of tracking down the history of the potteries, designers and artisans. They have annual conventions but we have never managed to be in the country at the right time! Ah well.

This particular example I just listed at Time Was Antiques is unusual because of it's rare flat cup shape...which I am calling by the modern nomer of a latte shape. Cool! The design in the traditional cottage design and is all  hand thrown, desorated and painted. A real cottage industry.
You can see more about the set HERE

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