Saturday, December 11, 2010

English cottage mug - Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford

I really love these English bone china mugs because they make me think of familiar ares of England. The mug is an artist signed design of either Shakespeare's birthplace or Anne Hathaway's cottage in Stratford-on-Avon at the north end of the Cotswolds in England. 

The town is very familiar as it is only 20  miles from the town, Lady Wood, where my husband was born, and we have to pass through Stratford and the notorious humpback bridge over the river Avon that is loathed and cursed because of being such a bottle neck to traffic passing through from London to the midlands where the rest of the family is. The roads all converge there and is bad all year but especially during tourist season. But, we would rather go through on the A road rather than miss all the scenery going via the motorway.

Stratford lives & breathes Shakespeare, and who can miss the short walk in Stratford between the famous sites along the river like the birthplace, his sweetheart's cottage and the church where he is buried and his monument its...then go for a play at the Old Vic. I love thatched cottages and the Cotswolds is a great area to see them. Gorgeous!
 For more on the mug, visit:

Mug Anne Hathaway Thatched Cottage Shakespeare England

 To visit Anne Hathaway's Cottage Trust:

Anne Hathaway's Cottage 

To visit Shakespeare's birthplace Trust:

Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust  

And to visit the Cotswolds area of of our favorite areas for beauty (and antiquing) visit:

The Cotswolds

Have a great day, have a cuppa tea and visit Time Was Antiques if you are looking for quality antiques, collectibles and English fun stuff!

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