Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jeweled Stork Pin fr EdwardVIII widow auctioned - 2.7 Million! That's some bird!

Courtesy of a news release, this flamboyant stork brooch of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires did rather well at a recent auction of items from the estate of the late Duchess of Windsor, Wife of abdicated King Edward VII of England. That's giving someone the bird!

Wallis Simpson was a wealthy American divorcee who captured the heart of the playboy Prince David, then Prince Of Wales and oldest son of King George V. The family was not happy with it and her, and when George V died in 1936, the playboy became King Edward VIII. But...with all the preparation begun for the coronation, Edward stunned the world by abdicating the throne to marry Wallis Simpson. His younger brother became King George VI in his place in 1937 who was a shy, stuttering family man.  It was exactly those qualities and his strong sense of duty to his new role that mad him such a popular king and comfort to his people during the dark days of World War II and unfortunately aged him to an early death.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth had 2 daughters at the time of the coronation, Elizabeth and Margaret. Elizabeth is, of course, Queen Elizabeth II and if it weren't for the abdication of her uncle.....and there would have been no Prince Charles and Princess Diana, no Prince William and Kate.....

Wallis was a GREAT lover of jewelry, and this is a stunning example...a bit much for me, but...The price of 2.7 million was positively princely!
To view the news release at, click HERE

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Anonymous said...

So expensive,, I wish I had that too but I want an antique table that worth a million too.

Ruth...Time Was Antiques said...

Me too! LOL!!!

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