Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hedgehog figurine From Russia at Time Was Antiques, my cat Tinker

I just had to share this hedgehog figurine I just added to Time Was Antiques because it is the cutest thing!!! The ceramic hedgehog is 3 inches high and was made in Russia by Lomonosov. 

You can see more info about the hedghog by clicking on the photo:

I LOVE hedgehogs and think they are so cute. Our families have them in their yards in England...except for our niece who has greyhounds. They didn't last long there, mores the pity. They are becoming endangered there as habitat goes and because they are rather slow and get hit by cars often. Such a shame!

This is a photo of a real baby hedgehog from my friend in Redding. Isn't that a face a person can love???

Since we are talking about pets, here is our 1 year old cat Tinker who loves to play catch. You throw his ball, he takes off and fetches it back so you'll throw it again. Who needs a dog???

Hope you have a great day enjoying all the seasonal pleasures and love those critters!!!

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