Thursday, December 8, 2011

Prince Charles Releases his Christmas Card Photo, Buckingham Palace Wedgwood Christmas Plate

There was a great article in the Daily Mail online  yesterday because Prince Charles released the photo he and Camilla will be using for their Christmas cards.

The image was taken on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the wedding of his son Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The is holding his step grand daughter. I think that's such a great photo. The Daily Mail headline is Greetings From Grandpapa Charles.! The article also includes some great past Royal Family Christmas cards which are really interesting. Have a look.

In the Christmas and Buck House theme, here is a Wedgwood annual Christmas 1979 jasperware plate of Buckingham Palace that we have. I love Wedgwood blue jasperware and have quite a bit of it. It is no longer being made in the UK which is such a shame!

There are still a few items made at the Wedgwood (now Wedgwood Waterford) Museum and Visitor Centre in Barlaston by Stoke-on-Trent. I had a whole photo essay of the process taken last time we were there, down loaded to my travel laptop, which then crashed in the hotel the night we docked back in the US after a week's crossing on Queen Mary 2 back from England. I lost all the photos! I was devastated! Sigh... But this is from a Wedgwood book I have, Wedgwood, A Collector's Guide by Peter Williams. 

The body of the item is a cream to buff color, whatever color it will be when fired. Then, when it is still damp, the motif his hand applied by an artist. The figures are about 2mm thick and are easily broken unless, like these artists, you know what you are doing! Then the process is quickly and deftly done. I love jasperware!

For more info on the Christmas Buckingham Palace plate or other items of Wedgwood jasperware at Time Was Antiques, click on the photos.

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Rebecca said...

Very interesting about the wed wood, and very pretty!

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