Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Paragon China Princess Margaret Birth china and Royal warrant marks

Ever wonder what a Royal Warrant is...and how you get it?  I had a customer ask about it this week and also came across the question about Royal Warrants on a blog site participating in Teacup Tuesday that my sister site Antiques And Teacups participates in at antiquesandteacups.blogspot.com.

Royal Warrants were designed to represent patronage by the British Royal family. Originally the warrant even named the royal personage and meant that their wares had been purchased (or received from the company as a gift and approved) by the royal person named. An example of that is:

This teacup was made by Paragon and bears the Royal Warrant above identifying the item was made between 1937-1952. The mark is for Queen Elizabeth, affectionately known until her death as the Queen Mum, wife of King George VI and her mother-in-law Queen Mary. This teacup can be seen at Time Was Antiques at this link:
Paragon Teacup Chintz Center

Paragon got into serious trouble in 1930 by overstepping their position. Paragon had made the approved design for the christening of Queen Elizabeth II and were awarded the Royal Warrant. BUT without permission they called themselves Royal Paragon and were chastised for it. When they brought out this design for the birth of younger sister Princess Margaret they had to go back to Paragon and have let it remain until today.
You can see more of Princess Margaret china at Time Was Antiques at this link:
Paragon China

As to Royal Warrants today, in the late 1950s that strict application of the name Royal in a pottery's name was relaxed, and there was a proliferation of names with Royal in them which is a trend that continues today. Now, it just is a marketing choice and means they think Royal will give a bit of cache' to their china!

A bit cloudier and still cool here in Sequim. It was actually warmer in Juneau, Alaska than Sequim yesterday! How funny. Have a great day, stay warm and take time for a cuppa!

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