Saturday, July 17, 2010

Unusual Shelley China Queen Elizabeth II Teacup and Sequim Lavender Festival

My favorite time of year around here...Sequim Lavender Festival. Our 14th annual this year. Street fair, live music, food court, lavender farm tours, you name's here. Even an impromptu antique fair at a local business parking lot. How cool is that!~!

You can learn more at the lavender festival website:

We went to the street fair etc tomorrow and more things to do today including Jazz In The Alley. Too fun!!

    I added this to Time Was Antiques 
recently and was thrilled when I found it. Shelley China, England is my favorite manufacturer and I have been dealing in Shelley for 20 years. I have seen a lot of British Royal Commemorative cups and saucers, but I have never had one just like this. I LOVE discovering new items from wonderful Shelley.

The sepia photo of the queen is on many of the commemoratives both from Shelley and others. The reason is there are a number of designs/photos that are approved by the queen to be used and companies draw from those designs for their items.

What's different about this cup and saucer is the Ripon shape which was not the one usually used for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953, and also the addition of the gold leaf border. The Ripon set often comes with the burnished 22 kt gold foot , trim and handle which this set has. The color is actually a pale yellow which didn't photograph well. All together a special find. I LOVE it!

To learn more about this great Shelley China royal commemorative, visit this clickable link:

Shelley Queen Elizabeth II coronation teacup

Have a fun day and enjoy your local area your local community. After all, you're there!

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