Sunday, July 11, 2010

Antique Horse Brass Victorian Jockey Fred Archer 1890s

This is a sad tale of the foremost horse racing jockey of the victorian era.

I have just added an antique horse brass I found in England last buying trip of Fred Archer. Fred Archer was born in Cheltenham England in 1857 and had an illustrious horse racing career. He won the Derby a record 5 times. The National Horseracing Museum describes him as "the best all-round jockey that the Turf has ever seen."

Despite his success he suffered from depression and after the death of his wife he committed suicide at the age of 29 in 1886 and passed and legend. There were several famous music hall songs and ballads at the time. What a shame.
This is an actual photo taken of him at the age of 25.

To see more about the horse brass, their history and other horse brasses we have at Time Was Antiques, visit this clickable link:

Antique Horse Brass Victorian Jockey Fred Archer 1890s

    Today is a lovely day for watching the World Cup final between Spain & The Netherlands. It's warm & sunny...70s. After church we had to hurry home so as not to miss the game. My DH, being a Brit and therefore a died-in-the-wool football fan (or soccer to the Yanks) is still keen although England was sent off rather soon for him. Sigh...Should be a great day. Then a walk and who knows what else! We DO have to get some cat food for our cat, Tinker. But what a gorgeous day today here. Hope it's cooled down if you're on the east coast!
Have a great day! 

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