Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Romantic Brown Transferware - Window on the Past

I absolutely love transferware...always have. It started when I was in my 20s. I was enthralled by the history and world view of those windows into victorian life and perception. There are loads of people who share my interest. There is a wonderful Transferware Collector's Club website that I love to browse. The patterns & resources are incredible.
This is a great example. This is an antique brown transfer or transferware cake serving plate made by Grindley, England in a pattern called Daffodil...check out the border as well as the brown transferware made in Staffordshire, England...hence the genre name Romantic Staffordshire...with the British Registry mark for 1882. I just added yesterday to  Time Was Antiques. I have stacks of plates in the warehouse from trips to England antiquing I am just getting to. Whew!!!

Transferware is decorative, evocative and highly collectible. A favorite thing is using a harmonious grouping of transferware as wall art. As the main colors are red, pink, mulberry, green, blue, brown and polychrome or more than one color, there is a color for any room available. 

I found a great Blogger site called Nancy's Daily Dish who blogs on a different dish a day. Beautifully done blog. She also mixes in her poetry. I'm following it. Great job.

We are having our SUMMER SIZZLE 15% OFF sale at Time Was Antiques with code 016 at checkout. I have gotta make room!!!

Today is blue and sunny and will be in the 70s...about perfect for us Pacific Northwesters. We are going to have a bit of a day out to go antiquing locally...we do twice a week. Have a few estate sales today and that is always fun.  This week is the l Sequim Lavender Festival which is a BIG deal around here. We always look forward to it! Visits to the various lavender farms...16 in the area, I think, plus a street fair, food and lots of local things include antique shows which, of course, we'll go to. Come visit if you're close!! Sequim Lavender Festival starts Friday, July 16th and runs all weekend. Have a great day! 

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