Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pink Saturday Wedgwood With Wedgwood News

I am joining Pink Saturday with Beverley at How Sweet The Sound...late today, as life has intervened with a technology problems. I got a new data phone, had to wait for my phone number to get ported, and then kept waiting for the phone to kick no avail. Finally, after 1 hour on the phone with techs, they told me I had to get get a new SIM card, mine was defective. Oh joy...and that meant another 2 hours at the time I was going to do the blog post...poof!

Psalm 31:15a says My Times Are in His hands! So...

I am sure you are all familiar with Wedgwood, England jasperware, but for Pink Saturday...taa jasper! Jasperware has always been a favorite. I was broken hearted when Wedgwood moved production in 1992 to Indonesia, and more saddened when it went into bankruptcy as part of Waterford Wedgwood. But the Museum in Barlaston, a district of Stoke-on-Trent with the fabulous Wedgwood collection would continue to be open. 

But fast forward to 2010, hard economic times, and a group sued the company to get money for the failed pension scheme from 2009. A judge ruled in early 2011 that the museum and contents would have to be auctioned off piece by piece to replace the failed pension scheme. And while I appreciate and sympathize with those who had their pensions ended, the thought of that wonderful place being closed or the items being dispersed and never possible be available for people to see was devastating.  But...

Enter a hero on Christmas Eve! A Birmingham, England millionaire, John Caudwell, has agreed to buy the museum and contents and keep it together and open. Birmingham is where my husband and my family are from and we couldn't be happier. Whenever we are in England and are up by the family we take the 2 hour drive to Stoke and Barlaston and spend part of the day at the museum. The collection is fabulous, there are workmen there who demonstrate the process and the tea room is fab!

John Caudwell said "Selling the off the collection would be a tragedy" and we certainly agree! Thank you John, for saving a National treasure! 

To read the article in the Telegraph Online click here:
Wedgwood saved

To see Wedgwood jasperware at Time Was Antiques, click on the pink Jasperware plate photos.


Anonymous said...

I love the pink color better than the blue. Nice post. Pat

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello Ruth,
This is so gorgeous! I used to sell this jasperware at the jewelery store where I worked as a young bride. I don't see much of it around any more. Very lovely; thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.


Michele said...


What an amazing blog post, I had no idea. Mr. Caudwell will be remembered for his good deeds for certain.

Your pink Jasperware is stunning!

Thank you for your wonderful blog and all its amazing information.

Ann said...

That pink is gorgeous, Ive seen pieces but do not own any myself.Thanks for sharing your piece. Ann

Denise said...

I wasn't aware of any of your info.,I'm so glad I read your post.Oh my poor Jasperware ,now I somehow feel sorry for it.Thanks,Denise

Maria Andrade said...

Hi Ruth,
What great post, for several reasons...
First, I had never seen pink jasperware, only blue green and black, so I owe you this one and your dish is beautiful!
Second, I loved to know that valuable Wedgwood heritage will be kept together and someday I will be able to admire it locally.
I wish I could visit those places in "the Potteries" as often as you can, but one day I'll be there!

My name is Riet said...

Oh my goodness I never saw that pink Wedgwood and I love it. I used to have the blue like the man in your photo is showing. I love Wedgwood and I have two dinnerservices here. Love it.WE were in England last year but didn´t get to the museum and the factories.Maybe this year, I hope.
Happy pink Saturday.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

It's a sad story with hopefully a happy ending ! It would be a shame to lose the museum.
and don't you just looooove technology :))

Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh the joy of visiting blogs on weekend, everything you see is gorgeous and sweet. I love it!

Come see my PINK, when you get a chance. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Southern California

I am Your Newest Follower

Take Care & Have a Nice Day :-)

CEO Lisa Anne - L.A said...

Hi Ruth, love, love your pink saturday post! Beautiful jasperware! Thanks for visiting!


Kay Ellen said...

Very pretty Ruth~~Very elegant in pink!
Happy New Years & Pink Saturday:))

Have a blessed weekend,
Kay Ellen

Anonymous said...

A splendid PINK, Ruth - and a happy ending to a tragic story. What a horror when such dignified companies fall into disrepair through poor stewardship! So glad the cavalry came over the hill in time!

Now, About Robin Paige - you do know she is a pen name for Susan Albert Wittig and her husband - history and literature professors and American homesteaders in our wild west? Writing about England - so perfect. Her new series is about the writing relationship of Laura and Rose Wilder of Little House on the Prairie fame. Looking forward to that project!!

Love the Rabin Paige series, too - have amassed a collection of used paperbacks of the series and am beginning that, too - into book four when Kate and Charles marry.


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