Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I LOVE this teacup trio by Royal Standard. Can you just see yourself sipping your Earl Grey from this cup with your shortbread on the plate in front of you? Elegance or what???

As a longtime collector and dealer in teacups at Time Was Antiques I have seen a lot and this is one of my favorites. We have sold a lot of teacups this year for holiday gifts. Have you noticed how tea is becoming a popular drink lately? We are recognizing the importance of this wonderful drink and making it a pastime as well as a refreshment again. Tea also has great antioxidant properties and you would not believe how many varieties and blends.

We have 2 opportunities for Christmas teas in our area and I'll be attending with joy!!! Check your local papers and see if there are any near you.

One of the nice tea merchants close to us because we live 10 miles from the ferry to Victoria, BC Canada is Murchies which is a great place in Victoria for a cuppa and a bun as well as a stop to buy tea to take home.
Here is their link:

Time Was Antiques

has a 10% OFF sale going at the moment for the holidays which is reuseable and can be applied even to sale items. There's still lots of time for gift shopping. Visit us for teacups, teapots, Shelley China, Wedgwood, knife rests, open salts, mottoware, sugar tongs, antique and vintage jewelry and lots of wonderful antiques, collectibles and tea table items.

It's sunny today on the Olympic Peninsula so we are going for a walk to enjoy it. Hope your day is as glorious!

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