Friday, August 14, 2009

This may be small, but it's really a work of art. What is it??? Can you guess? This is a lace making tool or bobbin form the victorian era. I LOVE victoriana!

The lace bobbin is decorated with antique beads and is hand made of turned wood. These little tools are very collectible and the pride of a lace maker's tool kit. They are used to make bobbin lace which is also called cushion or pillow lace because the "cartoon" or pattern is pinned to a cushion. The threads hang down with the bobbins being weights and they are maniputated to form the design. Truly a dying art because of the time it takes to make anything in this way. You can see this bobbin and others at Time Was Antiques.

Today in the Pacific Nothwest it is partly cloudy and in the 70s which is PERFECT summer weather. A few days ago was my birthday so we took the Coho ferry to Victoria, BC (it's free on your birthday!) and stayed a night at the Fairmont Empress hotel, the grande dame of the Victoria, Inner Harbour. We went to the National Geographic IMAX theater for their Whales show which was really fabulous. Also went to the Royal BC Museum exhibit of the Treasures of The British Museum which was wonderful. Fun to almost press my nose on the glass of a Renoir, Rubens, Duhrer or Picasso. Cool. The ancient jewelry was fasciniating. Amazing what delicay could be achieved with so few tools.

That's it, I guess. Back to adding new items to Time Was Antiques.

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Guzzisue said...

still a lot of lively people making lace though :-)

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