Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is it Mold or Mould?

And I don't mean does it grow on bread or mean your food has gone bad. Pudding molds or moulds have abeen a big deal for 200-300 years. And as every dessert lover knows, that's an important part of every meal.

Like the VERY old song "I say tomato, you say tomayto" the mold vs mould isn't a case of pronounciation but of spelling from origin. In the UK and countries with a British flavor it's mould, but in America it's mold.

Pudding molds have been made of several materials and collected widely since their real popularity in victorian times. Because of the victorian penchant to beautify everything within an inch of it's life, ornamentation was applied to the dining table and to how the food looked as well. A plain pudding (also a generic term for dessert in the UK) was a no-no on the victorian dining table so the pans desseerts were cooked in were fancied up so that a design was baked (or steamed) right in. There are figural designs, animals, vegetables and minerals, flowers, trees, castles & shields. This is a late victorian era stoneware mold or mould with a very popular and relatively simple design like bubbles or golf balls with paneled sides.

Molds or moulds are a wonderful collectible and make decorative groupings on shelves or counters. Cool.

To see the molds (or moulds) at Time Was Antiques, click this link:
Time Was Antiques Molds

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