Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hi there...gorgeous here on the Olympic peninsula. Just went to the local grower's market and bought tomatoes, plums, sweet onions and new potatoes. Nothing better!!

If you are a starting collector and want an affordable option, Toothpick holders are a great option.

In the victorian era, toothpicks were an essential part of every dining table and as the victorians liked to make everything, no matter how utilitarian beautiful, all sorts of neat designs abound. They were part of every dinner service and often marketed and collected in souvenir designs as well.

The toothpicki holder pictured is made by Imperial Glass Company, USA in a pattern called Octagon. The pressed glass pattern mimiced the more expensive cut crystal and was produced and marketed as "poor man's cut glass". The patterns were diverse, well made and beautiful. There are several antique collecting guides and a National Toothpick Collector Club whose contact info is:

PO Box 852
Archer City TX 76351


So, if that sounds fun, there are lots out there.
You can see the toothpick holder category at Time Was Antiques at this link: Toothpick Holders

Have a great day and enjoy collecting and your local farmer's market!

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