Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vintage Hagen Renaker Mini Arabian Stallion White 1959

I was HORSE mad when I was young! I loved the Black Stallion books and asked for them for birthdays & Christmas until I had the whole set, then reread them until they fell apart. I had large plastic Breyer Arabians & made horse blanket, saddles & reins for them...not to mention stables and paddocks. I loved them!

I also collected ceramic horses which were lovingly stored in a china cabinet in my bedroom that nobody wanted. I especially liked the Hagen Renaker...although I couldn't have told you that that was the name of the maker because I bought by what I liked and promptly took off any labels. After all, they were real to me!

This is one of the last of my horse collection from the 1950s, and was one of my favorites. I gave half the collection about 15 years ago to 2 preteen sisters. Who knows where they are now. But....This is the miniature Arabian stallion and it is mint and beautiful. I just added it to Time Was Antiques and here is a link for more photos & descriptions: Hagen Renaker Arabian Stallion

I ended up with a quarter horse later when I worked summers wrangling at a mountain lake in California, sometimes getting to ride with the family & 25 horses 2 days up Deer Creek form Chico, California to Lake Almonor. One year my husband & I had to move 18 of them from a threatening forest fire on foot...but that's another story!  Later, we had the filly of the palomino I had for our daughter who was horse mad. Ah memories!

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