Sunday, November 21, 2010

I LOVE teacups...especially Shelley, England

I do...I love teacups! I have a collection and specialize in finding gorgeous teacups for your tea table. And Shelley China, England is one of the best manufacturers. It is so sad they closed in 1966, but at least they produced lots of china while they were open.

This is a cup and saucer in the rarely seen German Rose Sprays in the Dainty shape, a shape which is probably the most famous of Shelley's numerous shapes.
Your Earl Grey would just taste better in this teacup...don't you think???? This particular design and shape was only made from 1958-1966. Lovely.
You can read more about the teacups at Time Was Antiques by clicking on the photo.

On a personal note it's snowing in Sequim...and all the Olympic Peninsula. Not really sticking here and not expected to continue, but fun.  The biggest news is the cold snap. It's 28 degrees at 8PM & expected to drop into the low 20s. Tomorrow night we are forecast to be about 18. Brrr...let's hear it for fleece sheets!!! Hope you are warm...seems to me it's time for a cup of tea!

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