Thursday, May 13, 2010

10th Anniversary Online Discount At Time Was Antiques

Happy 10th anniversary Online to

Time Was Antiques!!!

We are celebrating for the month of May...our 1-th year online, with a 10% off orders over $50.00. Just use the coupon code 010 of 10th Anniversary to receive the discount which may be reused. Cool!!!!

Time Was Antiques clickable link: Time Was Antiques

The oak tea caddy with the porcelain lining and EPNS silver plated fittings above was just added from my downsizing personal collection. The tea caddy has the most touching hand engraved message To My Old Pal Sid, And Vera From Wilf 1930. I just love it! Evokes dart players at the pub who play and drink their Guiness together and Sid is getting married so Wilf gives him a tea caddy. It is too cool!!!

Tea caddies were a regular part of every English household (we still are using 3 at the moment) and were as exxential as the American coffee maker. Their styles changed through the years and tell a history of the people and the culture of the country. Great collectibles and still very affordable.

To see more info about this great tea caddy use this clickable link:

Time Was Antiques

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