Wednesday, April 14, 2010

English Royalty Thimble Year Of 3 Kings

This is the coolest British Royal memorabilia thimble that I just acquired with a collection of royalty thimbles on our last English buying trip.
Made in 1986-1987, the bone china thimble by Fisbury commemorates a special year in English royal history. Between June of 1036 and June of 1937, there were 3 men annointed king.
King George V was on the throne at the start of 1936 but died in June. On his death, his oldest son was declared Edward VIII and everyone that all was well. However, before the coronation could take place, Edward VIII abdicated the throne so that he could marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson. Hence the 3rd king, George VI, Edward's younger brother inherited the throne and was crownded in June 1937. Actually, I think he was a MUCH better king than his playboy, Nazi sympathizing brother would ever had been.
So...there's a history lesson for the day. Cool, huh!
For more innformation click this link to the item:
For other great British Royal Commemorative items, visit our home page and look for the English Royal Commemoratives category with sub categories for each of the royal family starting with Queen Victoria.
Today is the 1st real spring day for a bit. It was beautiful! My DH was out trimming bushes and I took a walk to look at the budding trees and spring bulbs. On the end of our street I could see all the way across the Strait Of San Juan De Fuca to Victoris, British Columbia Canada. A great view for a lovely day. Hope yours was a nice!

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