Thursday, October 15, 2009

We had the best PBS British Royalty program on last night here in Washington state called The Windsors...the king who saved the monarchy. It was really good. The king referred to was King George VI who, with his wife Elizabeth (the subject of the biography at left) who was affectionately known as the Queen Mum. George VI was crowned king of England in 1937 after the abdication of his older brother, Edward VIII, who refused the crown to marry twice divorced American Wallis Simpson.

The biography just added, called The Duchess Of York, was written before her husband became king and goes from her childhood at Glamis Castle in Scotland, through her wedding to the future King George VI and the birth of then the birth of their first child who is now Queen Elizabeth II. It is really a chatty biography written by a lady in waiting and included lots of details of clothes, wedding gifts, travels, royal duties, etc. A wonderful piece of royal memorabilia. I was thrilled when I found it in England last trip.

You can see more details and photos at:
Time Was Antiques

The PBS program continues next week, and I am looking forward to it.

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