Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am so thrilled!!!! I got a collection of Wedgwood jasper dip biscuit jars or barrels in England and have just listed them. They are SO COOL!!!

I just love the workmanship, and the jasperware dip biscuit barrels are my favorite of all the Wedgood jasper items I have.

Japser dip items are different from other jasper or jasperware items, because of the additional steps. After an item is made of the jasperware clay, the item is then dipped in a further colored slip (liquid clay) layer. Then the item is fired, the applied white jasper figures and decorations are carefully put on by hand and then fired again. We have watched the process at the Wedgwood factory, now the Wedgwood museum in Barlastan, Stoke-on0Trent, England.

Jasper dip items are not made anymore and are very collectible. We acquired a collection of 5 jasper dip biscuit barrels in England recently and I absolutely LOVE them! Many of them are described and pictured in the book Wedgwood Jasper Ware by Michael Herman and published by Schiffer.

To see our biscuit jars, go to the Jasperware category at Time Was Antiques

We had an unusual day here on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state....the marine layer, aka fog...was actually in all day. First time in 2 years we've seen that. It was really neat....moist and quiet. A bit like being in a dream. We're clearing off for rain tomorrow. Our kids are here from Utah & we had a Thai lunch at Sawadee Thai, on e of our favorite restaurants. Oh man is their garlic chicken GOOOD!!!

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