Monday, April 13, 2009

Fred The Flour Grader Pie Funnel

Say hello to this cute little guy...a vintage English pie funnel or pie vent by the name of Fred The Flour Grader from Homepride Bread ads in the 1960-1970s. I just LOVE him! He's not what started me on pie birds or pie funnels, but it's the sort of thing that keeps me looking on our annual buying trips to the markets in England.
The figural Homepride Fred is made of glazed ceramic and stands 4 inches high with a hole in the top of his hat to let out steam. And in excellent condition with a cheeky grin! Pie birds were developed in the 1700s to release steam from a baking pie so the filling didn't boil over. He is SOOO cute! So look for a friend to cook with...they come in all sizes, shapes & personalities. Cool.

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