Saturday, December 9, 2006

Well it's sunny today and we had our BEST EVER day yesterday. Mucho items to good homes for the holidays! Today I'm a bit tired. Hoped to finish the Christmas decorationg yesterday but..maybe today.

My honey has been down all week with a cold but is feeling better today so I am happy. Cat isn't, she liked a permanent lap. My Honey found some football (soccer) on while he wasn't feeling the best and that was a good think to do when you're ailing.

Want to remind everyone that it's not too late to enter our Time Was Tea Time Gift Pack drawing. All of our customers who purchase items on the Time Was Antiques family of webstores are entered to win in a random drawing Jan. 1, 2007. That's a photo of it above. You can read more about what's in the gift pack at:
in the Special Offers section. You can read our most recent newsletter in the Newsletter section. This one has a source for fab Christmas crackers called, Almond Butter Snowballs recipe, info about Royal Albert OldCountry Roses and more.
I'm going to go finish the Christmas decorating, which should have been done 2 weeks ago. Every year, I promise myself I'll have it done just before Thanksgiving because it gets so busy, but forgot again this year. Sigh...
Have a gret day and enjoy the season! Ruth

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