Sunday, December 3, 2006

Antique Jewelry Sale
Hi. Just to let you know that this week's Up To Christmas sale is 10% OFF on all antique and vintage jewelry of all carats of gold, silver, costume jewelry, pocket watch fobs and medals. That's a whole bunch! Add a little glitz & bling to your holidays!

Just purchase at and we'll adjust the price to reflect the discount.
Other than that, the sun is shining again, although it's in the low 20s at night and the holiday shopping season is in full swing. We have sold out of our luxury Holly Christmas crackers and only have 5 boxes left of the jewel color Raj crackers. I don't think you can have a holiday feast without one, and the Raj bright colors are great for New Years dinners too. FUN! And a link with victorian and English traditions as well.
We're off to brunch and then are seeing a favorite local band, The Trail Band, do their Christmas With The Trail Band concert matinee which has become an annual event for us. It really is great music, message and holiday cheer.
Have a great day!

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