Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Luck Of The Irish, Irish Meanderings

Hello and welcome to my post for the tea related blogs listed at the bottom, as well as a Wednesday vintage blog party.  

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visiting the Irish Guards last year...

As it is close to St. Patrick's Day, I am sharing two very different Irish themed teacups from the archives of Time Was Antiques.

This is the Shelley China, England Shamrock pattern in the Bute shape that was made from 1908-1916. The shamrock was used on several different shapes but this was the first I could locate. They never were around for long, because a lot of folks collect the Shamrock pattern.

This is a Shelley cup and saucer in a landscape pattern called Old Ireland with a cottage that is also pretty neat. This one was made in the Cambridge shape and dates from 1940-1966 when the pottery closed. I always love the landscape patterns. You sip you cup of tea, look at the saucer and dream you were there....

And to go with it, and English EPNS silver plated napkin ring with a shamrock theme dating to the 1930s. Pretty cute! Irish or shamrock themed collectibles are so fun! On St. Patrick's Day, everyone's Irish!

The teacups and the postcards are from the archives of Time Was Antiques.

We have visited Ireland several times, and Dublin is always a favorite. This part of the post is for my husband, a Brit who loves Guinness Stout. Here is the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin where he took a tour...and got samples...I went shopping!

I left he and his buds here, and the ladies went to Grafton Street, the best shopping area in Dublin. We had a great time and ended up at Brown Thomas, one of the best department stores which also has a lovely lunch room where we had a smashing lunch!

Thanks for visiting! And may the Luck Of The Irish be with you!
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Zaa said...

I do love your teatime pictures/memorabilia ...I can well imagine what fun it would be to sit and have a cup of tea with you ... This pretty teacup would just be fabulous for up coming St. Patricks Day celebrations .... old or new I love them all ... especially the Shelleys ... You're right about a landscape teacups and dreaming( Ha ha) ... I do believe that the older pieces have a more heartfelt touch ... such as your darling Irish Teaset. .. and I’ve enjoyed meandering through the streets with you ... THANKS ENJOY your day ...Hugs

Margie said...

I've never been to Ireland so I have to live vicariously through you!

Ruth W said...

So nice to see Catherine, and I love the Shelley Sharock. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

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