Thursday, August 31, 2017

Fun Item From Time Was Antiques Archive: Grimwades Bleriot Pie Vent Divider

From our archives at Time Was Antiques... and you will never guess what we sold it for in 2008.... and is hardly ever seen...

This is a VERY RARE Grimwades, England pie funnel and pie divider combination kitchen gadget with an art deco design.

The Bleriot Pie Divider was made by Grimwades, Stoke-on-Trent England who were soon to be associated with Royal Winton. The pie vent and pie divider combo is glazed ceramic and measures 4 inches high by 6.5 inches long by 3 inches wide and was made 1909-1920. The patent registry date is on the piece for 1909. The Grimwades Bleriot Pie Divider was part of the Hygenic Kitchen and Tableware division of Grimwades, Ltd. And is a great piece of antique kitchenalia.

These pie funnel, pie vent or pie bird with a pie divider to serve 2 different types of filling in the same pie are extremely rare, especially in this condition. The Grimwades Bleriot Pie Divider is in very good +++ condition with no cracks and only a teeny, tiny spot on the spout rim and a small shallow chip on the base rim. There was a bit of discoloration because this pie vent and divider was used and cherished.

 The Bleriot Pie Divider is pictured with original patent schematic on page 38 of Collectibles For The Kitchen, Bath and Beyond by Bercovici et al. Cool!

The Grimwades Bleriot Pie divider was a great addition to someone's pie funnel, pie bird collection, kitchenalia or kitchen gadget cache or Royal Winton Grimwades collection.
And the price it sold for in 2008??? 

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