Monday, March 9, 2015

Deal Of The Day March 9, 2015 Barratts Old Castle Red Transferware, Commonwealth Day

Hi there...I have been silent for a long time...just can't seem to do two blogs at once! But I am gonna try....this will be a simple blog...basically doing my daily Deal Of The Day items from Time Was Antiques, and things of interest in the UK...but in simple posts...hope that's okay!

 Deal Of The Day! 1950s Barratts, England red transferware ironstone salad plate in the Old Castles Time Was Antiques...25% off today!

Transferware has been popular for centuries, and this is a variation begun by Barratt's in the 1920s...

The mark dates this version to the 1950s, with the mention of acid and detergent earlier ironstone plates often discolored with the acid of tomato dishes like spaghetti...but the glaze was improved in the 1940-1950s for all ironstone makers and that was much improved.

This is Commonwealth Day, and here is a you tube of the speech Queen Elizabeth did for the Commonwealth on her 21st birthday...

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