Thursday, March 8, 2012

Queen Elizabeth And Catherine in my Hometown!

I am so excited! On the first leg of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee tour, where she has been joined by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge as well as Prince Philip, her first stop is my hometown Leicester!

The Queen & co arrived via British rail from St. Pancras, visited the cathedral, Montfort university and met waiting crowds.

all photos from the Daily Telegraph photo galleries photo gallery
I wish I had been there! Joining Pink Saturday with How Sweet The Sound!


Denise said...

Hi Ruth,

These are great photos!! How exciting that the Queen and Duchess visited your hometown. Long may she reign!

I really love Cate Middleton; she has such fashion sense and really seems to have both feet planted firmly on the ground. I've heard that she has an amazing rapport with people; I think that will serve her well.

Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

Denise at Forest Manor

c. Joy said...

Makes me want to go out and buy a hat. Beautiful pictures.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Oh I wish you had been there, too.

How truly exciting!

Shannon @ Cozy Home Scenes And Cozy Home Kitchen said...

Sounds like a once in a lifetime event. Exciting it was in your hometown, but I wish you could have been there. Thank you for visiting my blog today, and have a wonderful weekend!

Gabriela Delworth said...


The Queen sure loves pink!


Jeanie said...

I wish I was there, too! I do love the Queen and seems like Kate is stepping up to the task. Thanks for posting this!

Jeanie from The Marmelade Gypsy

Lori Stokes Wright said...

Your queen is rocking the hot pink!!! Doesn't she look fabulous? What a great color for her. I found you at Pink Saturday

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